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Aluminium Bi Fold (Concertina) Doors in Billericay and all of Essex & East London

Aluminium Bi Fold (Concertina) Doors in Billericay (Essex) & London

Aluminium Bi-Folding Doors Installation & Repair

If you are looking for a way to bring your living space and garden into unison, then Easiglaze can install elegant aluminium bi-fold doors in your home. Bi-fold doors are designed to bring these areas together with style, whilst being incredibly practical and without consuming too much space.

Not only do the bi-fold doors boast visual benefits, but they are extremely effective in terms of insulation and security, which ensures that your home is kept warm, comfortable and safe. Aluminium is a fantastic material for the frames of bi-fold doors, because of its strength and stability and best of all, it will never rust, warp or rot.

Aluminium Bi-Folding Doors Installation & Repair

Bi-fold doors are a brilliant feature all year round. During the summer time, it allows an open space leading from your home into the garden, and during the winter, your home is well insulated and retains all the warmth.

Both panes are fantastic for opening up space into your garden, whilst the doors do not consume much space.

Multi Folding Doors: Affordable Lightweight Durability

There are many different names for these doors: folding doors, multi folding doors and concertina doors to name but a few. They are great for making a small space seem larger as well as giving you security that looks beautiful.

The frames, like with the windows, have a lightweight durability that's affordable. They are installed with very discreet hinges and highly insulated windows.

Aluminium also ensures 'thermal movement' which is why they fit so tightly and they are extremely hard to break into (no vulnerable gaps). This also makes sure there are no draughts. They are also coated in a thermally enhancing polyamide. The same as the windows, they have an outstanding colour range and are so easy to clean!

All doors have a multi-point lock system and that works with the frames to keep you safe and give you piece of mind. Our sliding doors can have lots of additional panes and can even take up a whole length of your home if you wanted it to. Could give you a great view of your garden, for example, is great for summer or if you have pets and children.

The great thing about getting aluminium doors or windows from us is that they will never twist, swell, rot or rust! They will save you money on your energy bills because they do not let energy escape. Plus all aluminium is recyclable.